All snacks provided will be nutritious and with particular attention taken to the dietary requirements of the children.

When cooking with the children as an activity, the children will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after the activity and to wear aprons supplied. Food prep, whether for snack or cookery, is handled with upmost care, regarding hygiene. Allergies will be taken into account.


For children attending lunch club, we suggest a realistic size lunch for your child plus suitable drink – No Fizzy

Drinks or Sweets.

All lunches must be in the child’s own personal named container. Please make sure they have an ice pack in them as we have no room to store them in the fridge.

No food or drink will be shared, uneaten food will be returned in your child’s box so you are aware of
what’s been eaten and to avoid any problems with allergies.

We promote healthy eating at kindergarten and would encourage you to do the same when packing their lunches.

Your child can at any time help themself to fresh drinking water, which is available throughout the day.

Tissues are also available and the children will be encouraged to blow / wipe their own nose.