The entrance of our kindergarten is locked immediately after the Parents have left, so are the other means of entrance and exit in the kitchen.

We have a doorbell for visitors or anybody that arrives late. We will only open the door if we are 100% sure we know the person or the reason for their visit, also ID will be asked for, as and when required.

We have a No Smoking policy which applies to staff, volunteers and visitors (Parents whilst on the property.)

Fire Practices are carried out once every half term and logged in a Fire Drill Record Book. Parent / Carers will be notified when a practice has taken place that day.

Children are not allowed in the kitchen area.

No children are left unsupervised at any time during the session.

We have a risk assessment carried out on all activities and the building and staff rules which are updated regularly.
The Scout Hall has installed CCTV Cameras inside and outside. The camera in the hall is covered up whilst children are in session, for safeguarding reasons, the Manager will explain this to you.



If you are not collecting your child but someone different is, then please inform the member of staff on the door and give a password known by yourselves when you drop your child off. We will not let your child go with anyone that is not authorised to do so.

If you are unable to collect your child for any reason please phone the Kindergarten contact number 01702 531067 or 07493 179459 straight away and instruct the staff who is collecting your child, making sure that they know the password.

Under legislation from ESCB (Essex Safeguarding Children Board) we are not permitted to take your
children home for you after kindergarten sessions.


You will be asked to keep your child away from kindergarten if they have been vomiting, or have had diarrhoea, until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.

Cuts or open sores whether on children or adults must be covered with plasters. Plasters are only used on the children with the permission of the parents, to avoid an allergic reaction.

If your child is prescribed medication during kindergarten hours the following procedures must be

  • The medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and dosage to be taken.

  • This information is to be recorded in the “Medication Record Book” and to be signed by the parent, and signed again at the end of the session, showing amount given to avoid any overdosing.

  • All medication will be kept out of reach of children in a cabinet in the kitchen.

  • The kindergarten will ensure that the First Aid equipment is kept clean, replenished and replaced as necessary.

  • Sterile items will be kept sealed in their packages until needed.

  • The majority of kindergarten staff are first aid trained to administer first aid to the children.

Children's Storybooks


If your child needs emergency treatment an ambulance will be called immediately and you will be notified.

Children who have reactions to bee stings (Anaphylaxis) will need to have an EpiPen and a separate procedure will be put in place. Some members of staff have been trained to administer Epi Pens to a child if needed.

Parent / carers will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s ongoing health issues with the
kindergarten staff and will have access to information available to the kindergarten.

To prevent the spread of all infection, the adults in the group will ensure that the following good
practices are observed:

If a child becomes ill during the session they will be put in a safe and comfy environment. You will be
notified immediately; all needs will be met by the staff. You will be requested to remove you child