• Hands washed after using the toilet using anti-bacterial liquid soap, using paper towels which are disposed of appropriately.

  • Children are encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing

  • Hygiene rules related to bodily fluids are followed with particular care, and all staff and volunteers made aware of how infections including HIV can be transmitted.

  • All cups and crockery used by the group are washed.

  • All toilet seats are wiped down regularly with anti-bacterial toilet wipes.

  • If nappies are worn, we have changing mats to change the children and nappy sacks to store dirty nappies.

  • Any spills of blood, vomit, excrement is wiped up and flushed away down the toilet immediately. Rubber gloves are always supplied and will be worn.

  • If the children need a change of clothes, we have changing mats and clean clothes (usually in a bag that you have provided), along with bags to store the soiled clothing.

  • All surfaces /tables are cleaned with Sanitizer at snack time and at the end of the morning and as and when needed.

Hand Hygiene