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  • Every opportunity will be taken to ensure that the activities promote a greater understanding of children’s cultural and religious background.

  • Equipment and reading materials will be provided, to ensure that children from different cultures and with different abilities are able to participate fully in Kindergarten activities.

  • No child will be at a disadvantage because of financial constraints within the family.

  • The kindergarten key person will, when planning activities promote equality of accessibility and opportunity.

  • Boys and girls will be encouraged to take part equally in all activities without stereotyping.

  • Children’s work will be respected as part of their creative individuality.

  • Children have the right to be listened to and heard. Their views, however communicated, should always be registered and taken seriously.

  • The kindergarten recognises that many different types of family groups can and successfully love and care for children. The kindergarten aims to offer support to all families.

  • Any unkind language, behaviour or remarkes by children, parents or any other adults, are unacceptable in the kindergarten. Our response will aim to demonstrate support for the child/ person involved, to help those responsible, understand and overcome their prejudices, and to make it clear that such behaviour/remarks will not be tolerated.

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