The Kindergarten is open 5 mornings a week Monday to Friday, there is a lunch club available on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 12.15pm-1.15pm which is optional, lunch needs to be provided by you. All day sessions are available Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s this includes lunch club. The door will be open from 8.00am and will be locked as soon as parents leave, there is a door bell if you arrive late or require to pick your child up early.

The lunch club we run is to encourage the children to be independent socially while eating in the group. We  encourage healthy eating, so please do not supply your child with sweets or fizzy drinks.At snack we promote healthy eating and the list of food on offer for the day is displayed on the notice board. We aim to give the children  fresh fruit and vegetables (we also have raisins, cereal,
crackers, bread, yoghurt and natural popcorn). We also promote fresh milk which is available every snack time and water as an alternative. Water is available all day long. If your child suffers with any type of allergy, please let us know and we can accommodate their needs, or if you prefer you can supply them with their own snack. The snack time starts at 10am for an hour.

The settling in process is dependent on you and your child, all children are different and some may require more support than others, therefore we will work with you to find the best way to settle your child. This gives both parents/carers and the children, the opportunity to see how the Kindergarten operates and to meet their designated Key Person. This time also gives us the opportunity to complete an “Initial Child Profile” with your help; this will enable us to work towards your child’s personal curriculum.

The Key Person system is recommended by the guidelines set down by OFSTED. A Key Person is especially responsible for a small group of children. She will hopefully be your child’s Key Person throughout their time with us at Kindergarten. The Key Person will ensure that your child’s needs are recognised so that a personal curriculum can be planned. The Key Person will have an ongoing file for
each child in the group to update on a termly basis. This file is always available to the parent/carer and will be given to the parent / carer when the child leaves the Kindergarten. The Key Person will always be available to discuss the child’s needs with the parent / carer.