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We believe each child is an individual in their own right. We will always look at the child for what they are and not for their disability/special needs. If your child has special needs please discuss this with Claire Stibbards who is our registered SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

We work with all the relevant teams involved with special needs in our area, for example;

  • Speech Therapist

  • Health Visitors

  • Area SENCOs

  • P.S.L.A. (Pre-school Learning Alliance) special needs scheme.

Each child will have an E.H.C.P. (Education and Health Care Plan) which is written in consultation with the parent / carer, specialist and Claire Stibbards. Records are regularly updated.

We welcome the area SENCO representative into our group and seek his/her advice when needed. If we find a child appears to have problems of any kind, we will complete three observation records, the parent / carer will then be approached and the records can be fully discussed as to what further action needs to be taken.

A number of toys are available to help special educational requirements. If these do not meet the needs of your child, we are able to hire suitable resources to meet their needs. Activities worked on by the key person and the child underpins professional advice and personal curriculum will help forward planning.
No child is excluded from any activity or play, but will always have extra support if needed.

No child is excluded from any activity or play, but will always have extra support if needed.

We encourage independence, if appropriate. If it is felt that your child’s needs cannot be met within our group without additional personal/equipment, funding will be sought. All our staff, whether
possible, has awareness for special needs and up-to-date training is undertaken.


Our broad balanced term curriculum is for every child. We have toys, books and puzzles showing children and adults with
special educational needs in positive roles. All Special Educational Needs Records, including E.C.H.P.’s are confidential, available only to parents and the professionals involved, are kept locked in a cupboard at kindergarten.


We can also provide privacy for children with special educational needs, should they need intimate care. Special provision is made during Fire Practice where Sue Humphries (Health and Safety Manager) will be responsible for the safe evacuation of children with special needs.

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