• We do accept children in nappies, but we cannot dispose of them, so please provide a nappy sack as well as clean nappies and wipes.

  • Please do not worry if your child seems to start having ‘little accidents’ (wetting themselves) when they start. It is a new and busy experience, much more exciting than making it to the toilet in time! This is normal and your child is not regressing, but please could you supply pairs of pants, socks and trousers.

  • Do not send your child in their ‘Best’ clothes, we do get mucky.

  • Please put your child’s name on any bags or coats that they bring in.

  • If you have any queries or problems, please see one of us at the beginning of a session.

  • Parents are requested to be considerate to others when parking and driving down the lane.
    Watch out – there are children about.

  • Children must not attend the kindergarten if they are suspected of being ill. Children
    suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea must not attend for at least 48 hours after the illness.
    Please inform us if your child has an infectious disease/illness.

  • Written permission must be given for us to administer any medication to your child.

  • The supervisor’s decision is final and reserves the right to terminate a child’s place

  • If you have a grievance, please see us first, unless you tell us we do not know!

  • If your child is to be met from kindergarten by anyone other than yourself, please notify us in advance with details and a password.

  • The kindergarten will be closed all school and bank holidays, with the exception of school
    occasional days.